Monday, October 20, 2014

Post 119

It seems like I am constantly alone, and I don't like that.  All I've ever wanted was to fit in somewhere but it just seems like I don't fit in anywhere.  My life has been steadily going down hill ever since I graduated high school, and I don't know if it will ever get better.  I have friends but lately it seems like they don't want me around, but I feel like if I'm not around them then something bad might happen to me.  I can't bring myself to harm myself in anyway yet whenever I'm alone I constantly think about injuring myself, I get anxiety attacks, it all just builds up and I don't know how to deal with it.  When I'm with my friends its easy to ignore the feelings, but they are still there because I don't think my friends like me.  I don't try to be loud or obnoxious or do stupid things I just can't help it, it happens out of my control or knowing and I don't know how to control it.  I don't even know why I'm writing this blog post no one reads this stupid thing.  I guess I just wanted to vent my feelings but I can't do it around my friends because I'm afraid they'll make fun of me or think I'm stupid or worse yet just think I'm some moody kid looking for attention.  And maybe I can be a moody kid looking for attention  but its only because I just want people to care about me, I want to feel wanted because its a nice feeling and it seems like I never feel that way.  I just hope that I'll still have friends when I'm older, I don't wanna die alone.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Journey of the Yellow log entry 9 (Post 118)

Today I spent the whole day training my pokemon.  I will probably be spending the next few days training.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Journey of the Yellow log entry 8 (post 117)

When I woke up in Fuchsia today I decided to journey through the Safari Zone.  While trekking through all the areas and gathering items a robed Nidorina approached me and told me of yet another prophecy.  The Nidorina is part of a group if monks called the Psudessey.  All the monks reside in the Safari Zone and once all are brought together under one trainer one of the Three Great Dragons would emerge and help restore unity to the Kanto Region.  After capturing Nidorina known as Monk A, I successfully made it to the end of the safari zone where I gained Surf and taught it to Darth Mulville.  The next few Hours were spent in the Safari Zone gathering Monks B-I.  After they had all been capture like clock work another one of the Three Great Dragons emerged out of the water.  He was a Dratini and his name was Psudysseus.  

Following the deposit of Christian Bale to the Council of The Computer and bringing Psudysseus onto my team, I then headed West up the bike trail.  On the bike trail I was attacked by members of a biker gang, but Warrior and Milfimus Prime took them out easily.  After that I went into a secret house off the bike trail, obtained fly and taught it to Bird Hector II.  When all of that was done I went to a small patch of grass off fence maze and trained warrior there for hours until I decided to sleep.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Post 116

Here is the artwork of me before I went against Erika.

Journey of the Yellow log entry 7 (Post 115)

After waking up inside the Celadon gym it time to wage a war.  The gym was filled with amazon warriors all of which owned grass type pokemon.  Wanting to become as strong as I could be I went up against all of the great warriors one at a time.  Seth Kelly would rise out of his pokeball and obliterate all of my opponents pokemon.  Then I got to Erika, she was the leader of the gym and general of the great amazon army.  Seth Kelly managed to take out all of her pokemon except for one when he fell at the might of her fierce gloom.  But Bird Hector II flew out of its pokeball to save the day, defeating gloom with one powerful wing attack.  After that I obtained the Rainbow Badge and took control of Celadon City and Lavender Town.

When I was done with Celadon City I headed to Lavender Town to heal my pokemon and climb the Pokemom Tower.  When I started up the tower I began facing Necromancers summoning ghost pokemon to aid them in battle.  About one third of the way I managed to summon my own ghost pokemon to join the Council of the Computer, his name was Casper.  After my pokemon had become tired from battle we managed to fine a purified zone put together by a Cleric, so I managed to heal my pokemon.  Right as a reached the final set of staircases I was attacked by the ghost of Martha Wayne.  After defeating her I went to the top to find the second in command of the Organized Crime Syndicate once again challenging me.  Their pokemon had evolved but they were not any harder to defeat.  An old man named Fuji came up to me after the battle thanking me for saving him, apparently he had been held hostage.  Fuji gave me a Pokeflute and I went on my way to Fuchsia City.

After crossing the weirdly build dock bridge thing I came across a sleeping Snorlax and after waking him up he joined my team as Jack Black Ambassador for the Dock Bridge in the Council of the Computer.  Then I went down the Dock Bridge more and after defeating some more fishermen I was given the Super Rod a fishing pole that is said to attract very powerful water pokemon.  I crossed the bridge and then came across a maze built of fences, clearly if I was to make it to Fuchsia City I would be challenged.  After maneuvering my way through the maze and defeating many bird tamers and bikers I made it to Fuchsia, took a tour of the pokemon zoo and Seth Kelly evolved into a Charizard.  Following that I decided to rest for the night.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Post 114

Ok so over spring break I was busy and couldn't play Yellow version but now I am starting to play it again so a new post will come tonight.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Post 113

Here is the artwork of my team before the 3rd Gym
PS I am out of town and didn't bring Yellow so no new updates today and maybe tomorrow.